Cape Town (ZA)

Lion’s Head

My highlight in South-Africa definitely was climbing Lion's Head in Capetown.
Beautiful views from up there!

The climb was fierce but once you reach the top, the sight is truly amazing.
It's really worth your while, especially for people who are afraid of heights (like me, haha).

We took off from our hostel and went by cab towards Lion's Head. We were dropped at the starting point of the climb.
The first part was a walking trail, by which you'll circle your way around the mountain upwards.

At one point the trail became rockier and therefore the climb harder to just walk.
After that, the real climb started, as you can see the ladders in the picture
I found this the hardest part.

But it is really worth it all! the astonishing lookout on Table Mountain, the sea, the city and Camps bay made it very special.


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